Using Facebook Ads to generate for your Car Dealership

If you need a place to find potential customers for your new or used car dealership, you’ve probably already thought about and maybe even discounted using Facebook lead ads. If you have discounted using Facebook lead ads, you may want to give it a second look. That’s because Facebook’s most potent marketing weapon is one you can’t find on any other social media platform.

Facebook uniquely has almost intimate knowledge of its platform users. That makes Facebook a powerful advertising and marketing tool to use for your new and used car dealership. By using the Facebook auto sales lead generation ad unit, you have the opportunity to place your ad in front of a target audience already interested in the type of cars you sell.

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Using Google Ads to generate for your Car Dealership

At the heart of any Google Ads marketing campaign is a sound strategy that includes high opportunity keywords, properly targeted audiences, unique ad text and sleek landing pages. This is no different when it comes to lead generation for your car dealerships. You don’t have to run a massive online ecommerce business or sell consulting services online to benefit from a strong Google Ads campaign. Even your local used car dealership can reap the benefits and drive massive traffic to its business, both online and in person.

Word of mouth is not enough to thrive in the car dealership industry anymore. Your brick and mortar locations need to thrive online because people are simply purchasing products much differently nowadays, and this applies to selling vehicles as well.

There are many different types of PPC campaigns you can put together, and we will go into detail on five separate campaigns you can run. Each one can be tailored directly toward your target market. Branded Campaigns, Dynamic Campaigns, Conquest Campaigns, Remarketing Campaigns and General Campaigns are the top five types of Google Ads campaigns that will help your dealership tremendously, and when run in unison, you will come at your target market in every way possible, leaving no stone unturned. SEO is great, but the Google Ads is the icing on the cake to help you drive real, tangible results. With the right campaign, your car dealership will have a massive increase in both online and in-store traffic.

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Here are some of our tips for generating more leads for your new or used car dealership:

  1. Start using Facebook Lead ads
  2. Develop a Google ads strategy and roll out PPC campaigns
  3. Develop high converting landing pages
  4. Use Email Marketing
  5. Use SMS Marketing
  6. Remarket to your current database
  7. Contact Juicy Designs for a quote and see how we can help your dealership generating more leads that will convert into sales.

Pro Tip: Your ability to respond to your leads instantly has immeasurable value. Don’t let your car sale leads slip away from you or lose money on wasted clicks that go nowhere. Drive your auto dealership forward into the future, but do it today by contacting Juicy Designs.